Giant A PLUS Rewards

Help our School just by
shopping at Giant!


By registering your bonus card to our School, every time you purchase something, our school earns

This does NOT affect your Gas Points or Scrip Rebates

A+ School Rewards Program: 
September 7, 2018–March 16, 2019

Giant has donated over $36 million to local schools through the A+ School Rewards Program!

Get Started:

  • Sign in to your account (or register for an account) to link your Giant Card to your school.
  • You may select up to two (2) schools.
  • Selected school(s) earn money from your qualified purchases during the program period.
  • If you need assistance, Call Customer Care at 877-366-2668 OPTION #1.



Did you realize?

Once you register your bonus card, you don't have to renew  it again?  It automatically transfers the following year. 

How to Register
your card

Seven Sorrows School
is awarded our check
in May!

As of 12/7/18 we've earned 


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Online Giving

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