Tuition Angels

One Story...

“I live in a failing public school district with a high number of violent students.  Over time, my children became fearful and depressed at the thought of another day at our public school. S

Seven Sorrows of the BVM has been a saving grace for my children.  They now enjoy a safe, nurturing learning environment with teachers who truly care.  Being at SSBVM has allowed my children to relax and be themselves.  They no longer fear for their physical safety during the school day.  They no longer endure bullying from their peers.  Best of all, my children learn about God and their faith.

Thank you, Father Ted, for providing a school to enrich our faith as well as young minds.  To say that SSBVM has brought happiness back into our lives is an understatement. 
Seven Sorrows BVM School has truly saved my family!

                                                                          ...out of many


One Gift...

Our Tuition Angel Program was created to help families, like those above, provide a safe, loving Catholic education for their families.  Some families come into hard times through the loss of a job; some struggle to make ends meet with multiple children in different grades -  and others, with bills that exceed their income.

Last year, during the 2017-2018 school year, our Tuition Angel Fund – through the generosity of your donations, distributed $29,636.00 to 24 of our families. 

Those students were able to walk our hallways, occupy a desk and share in our Masses.

                                                                                   ...joined with others


A Tuition Angel

is someone 
who not only

has a heart  wanting
to help

but also the

in which

to do so.

Everyone is an "Angel" in some way.  We all have a niche to fill, whether it's time we give, or funds we provide.  



May GOD reward you with the rich graces of His Son, JESUS, who is the Divine Teacher.

Father Ted 

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