All first time parents and those who have not attended a class within the last three years, are required to attend a "one evening class"
prior to the birth of your child

Classes are held every other month.

The next class will be held on

Please call the Rectory at 
717 944 3133 to register.



        Celebrations are held on:    

  Saturdays at Noon


       Sundays at 11:30am   


     You must have at least one practicing         Catholic Godparent.  

           The second Godparent may be a              Christian Witness.

If you are not a parishioner of Seven Sorrows, please obtain a "letter of right standing" from your parish prior to the date of Baptism.



"Go ye therefore,

baptizing them in the

Name of the


the SON 

and the


Matthew 28:19

The Sacrament of Baptism washes away

original sin and

cleanses us from

all our personal sin 

as well. 

We are forever, joint heirs with Jesus Christ; 

allowing our souls to become a dwelling place for ALMIGHTY GOD!   

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