Followers of Jesus

Followers of Jesus


For the Student who is cheerful and helps others to be Happy!

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Kindergarten:  Ella Mazer

Grade 1A:  Jace Kryscio and Taylor Sides

Grade 2A:  Mackenzie McHugh and Brody Keating

Grade 3A:  Leah Kryscio

Grade 3B:  Ella Sheaffer

Grade 4:  Adrian Corradi and Alexys Paul

Grade 5:  Claire Munnelly and Carter Nemshick

Grade 6:  Travis Cleveland

Grade 7:  Emma Minnich and Luke Fortunato

Grade 8:  Marcus Mancini and Davin Scheitrum 


For the Student who shows peacefulness toward others and helps all to observe the rules and policies of our school to ensure a calm and peaceful environment.

Kindergarten:  Paityn Pointer and Joshua Beutler

Grade 1A:  Elizabeth Harter and Alex Maina

Grade 2A:  Lilianna Carre

Grade 2B:  Maya Marroquin

Grade 3A:  Victoria Kelly

Grade 3B:  Ella Sheaffer

Grade 4:  Holly Carson and George Belfer

Grade 5:  Joseph Barb and Natalie Carey

Grade 6:  Carina Farber

Grade 7:  Riley VanScoy and Marcus Bornman

Grade 8:  Maile Farber


For the Student who shows Concerns for the Needs of Others


Grade 1A

Grade 2A

Grade 2B

Grade 3A: 

Grade 3B

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

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